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Body Sculpting

starting from $300

Our Body Sculpting Treatment reduces unwanted fat cells by using ultrasound radio frequency technology.

This non-invasive treatment is FDA Approved and has proven results. During this procedure the fat cells are exposed to pressure that breaks the membranes, unleashing the destruction of adipose deposits (fat cells) which is expelled through your fecal matter, urine, or sweat. It is strongly suggested to drink at least 2 liters of water before and after the treatment and to follow a low-fat diet, this being an essential step in the fat elimination process. Areas of treatment are the stomach, arms, thighs, and back.

Derriere (Butt) Therapy

starting from $325

Raise, Enlarge, & Reaffirm Your Derriere Without Surgery!

Derriere Vacuum Therapy stimulates muscles, break down cellulite and fatty deposits and also helps restore the skin’s natural elasticity to smooth the appearance of wrinkles and “orange-peel” dimpling in the thighs and derriere. This therapy has mild discomfort, safe and highly effective.

Double Chin & Neck

starting from $200

Face sculpting on the chin and neck.

This non-invasive procedure includes radio frequency, for fat reduction and boosting collagen in the skin, and laser lipo, for liquifying fat to be eliminated from the body naturally.

Hour Glass Session

starting from $375

Derriere (Butt) Therapy and laser lipo with lipo cavitation on the back arch to trim the waistline. The vacuum pump action of the device works by moving fat cells from other areas of the body into the butt tissue, thereby making the butt more developed.